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The Peaceful Warrior Mission


“You are not destined to be the man that others tell you to be. You are destined to be the man that you chose to be." -John Glass










Thank you for visiting Peaceful Warrior Coaching.


Here at Peaceful Warrior Coaching, we help men from all over the world become more balanced in their lives. A man that has embraced both his masculine and feminine to create a yin and yang, a balance of two opposing forces. Ultimately leading to harmony in all aspects of their lives.


In today’s society, many men have been TOLD who to be instead of becoming who they want to be and who they are MEANT to be.


Generations of men have grown up in homes with absent fathers, leaving only mother to raise them as boys. Boys that are left feeling like they are missing a piece of themselves.


Our society has done away with an ancient tradition of a rite of passage, which is a time in a boy’s life that he learns to leave his mother. He is taken into the folds of male leaders. Through their instruction and training, he is forced to rise into his greatness.


Although it is missing, it is not yet gone.


We as men have an opportunity to create our own rite of passage. One that leads us into being the man that has lied dormant, waiting to be unleashed.


Men missing this rite of passage has resulted in them working their lives away for success, competing with others to find the hottest trophy wife, frantically trying to fill their bank accounts, constantly trying to one up other men, to be “King of the Mountain.” Men are often praised for these behaviors, yet rates are highest among men in depression, social anxiety, and completed suicides.


Here at Peaceful Warrior Coaching, we aim to help men look within and discover their true self.


Through a collaborative effort, we will help you break through the surface, uncovering the amazing person you already are. We will assist you in clearing out all the “should be’s” in your life. Through our coaching, you will discover your true and authentic self. You will transform into the man that you have always wanted to be for yourself, your loved ones, and for society at large.


As a result of our own life experiences, education, and skills, we have developed the Peaceful Warrior Model which will help you become the man you want to be. By coaching with us, you will discover your own Peaceful Warrior.


Are you tired of thinking that you’re not good enough?


Do you feel like you were meant for something greater?


Are you ready to start believing in yourself?


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