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John Glass is an incredible coach who really lives what he preaches of becoming a balanced man. What strikes me about John is that he is still a student of his craft and continues to explore the depths of his field with passion and drive. He has a strong grasp of his professional and personal experience and ensures that he does his best to help any client. I’ve learned to not only understand my past but take steps to become the best man that I can be. I highly recommend John as a coach to anyone that is willing to learn and explore their humanity to the depths.


- Raj, California


Peaceful Warrior Coaching is exponential in the coaching world.  Their peaceful warrior model has propelled me to be a better man. Not just to myself but to family and friends. John is extraordinary in his approach to listen and communicate with others. He goes above and beyond to achieve and understand problems or situations within your life. He is easy to open up to and talk with.  I would recommend him to anyone trying to better themselves in any aspect of their life. Peaceful Warrior Coaching gets to the core of your troubles and makes you the peaceful warrior you are meant to be.


- Anderson, Florida


I have been working with John for 5 months and it has been invaluable for my personal life and career. I’m have been working on bettering myself in relationships in life (with both female and male), which at times has been frustrating. These factors have been an emotional roller coaster the past couple years. Some days I have total confidence in my goals and other days I am plagued with self-doubt and fears.

John has been a persistent and reassuring voice during these challenging times. Whether I am riding a wave of optimism and ready to conquer life or depressed and wanting to hit the snooze button all day, John is there to offer his unique perspective and keep me on track. The guidance is about becoming the best man I can become and improving myself every day. John has helped me understand that my thoughts become my feelings, and in turn effect my actions. Since, working with John I have a better idea of my emotions and what drives me and have become a better man in all areas in life. I highly recommend working with Peaceful Warrior Coaching to anyone who is looking to grow as a person and improve the quality of their life.


- Max, Georgia


John Glass is an upstanding man of integrity with a heart for coaching men who are running up against challenges in their lives. His presence in my life has helped me through many trials, and I know he can, and will help you as well.


- Andrew, California



I had the pleasure of knowing the members of Peaceful Warrior Coaching during the times when my biggest stress was whether or not I would have beer money for an upcoming party, or if I was going to be able to pick up a girl from a club sort of hardships. During this time Jeffery Craig was a consistent mentor. Not only did he provide advice a young man needs, but also guidance that would help this young man grow. The coaching I received from Jeff was second to none. I soon landed a position in an executive level role, I was a father to the most beautiful little girl ever. Shortly after, my mother passed away. I was so lost, scared, the future was unsure. There was a moment when I was ready to give in, ready to accept I was a failure. Then Jeff from Peaceful Warrior Coaching reached out to me! He actually invested in ME! He listened, he watched me cry, he heard my pain, and unlike everyone else in my life who sympathized with me, he challenged me. He challenged me to be better then I was. He challenged me to prove MYSELF wrong. I am who I am and where I am thanks to Jeff and Peaceful Warrior Coaching.


- Joe, California


Jeff has been a great coach throughout many different areas of my professional life. When I first met him he was a mentor of sales, but he became much more. Breaking our given paths though, we were able to reconnect at different career points, and at that time I had the luxury of being introduced to him in the beginning of his coaching career. He gives amazing presentations, and is very interpersonal in his coaching and helps you look inside of yourself to truly find what you desire out of your life. Now Jeff regularly keeps in touch with me, and he acts as an accountability partner, and someone who you can rely on to keep on the path of success, in which everyone defines differently.


- Trevor, California


Jeff is a man full of integrity  who inspires others through living an exemplary  life. He shares his passion through teaching other men and is driven in the purpose of improving the lives of everyone around him as both a teacher and friend.


- Leif, Nevada


I am not the easiest person to coach. I grew up being the smarty pants in school and was quite shy. As a result, I relied on myself and found mentorship through my own experiences. This actually led to a fairly successful life but something was missing. Jeff took me out of my comfort zone and showed me new experiences that I would have otherwise never noticed. He brought out my confidence in socializing and I have found new places and hobbies I would have otherwise failed to see. Jeff is an amazing coach and now a friend.


- David, Idaho



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